Sunday, February 15, 2009

Percussion Club at Cocu-week

IIUM Students Carnival 2009 is combined together with Cocu-Week for the first time ever. Percussion Club also take the opportunity together involve in this carnival to introduced our club and it is the place to take the new intake who is interest with the percussion.

The objective of this program is to introduce to all IIUM citizens as well as the public aboutstudents co curricular activities.

Last year, Students Carnival 2008 was part of Humanitarian Week 2008. This time, S-DEV had combined all the students clubs from both Credited (CCAC) Skills subjects and Non-Credited (NCCAC) under one main event.

At the mosque courtyard, all NCCAC clubs such as from cultural units, entrepreneurship and CENSERVE had opened their booth. While at the riverside, most of the CCAC skill classes including Wataniah and SUKSIS had opened their booth to showcase their skills of what they’ve learn in the class.

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